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Floor plans and side views within minutes, already at the start.

Vectorization, meshes, volumes, profile lines

No point cloud software that we know leads to results as quickly.

Limited areas from each point cloud.

Reducing scan points while maintaining the accuracy.

DRC presents the new version of the electronic test hammer Ectha PRO. In addition to the implementation of the electronic board and power supply system, the real innovation is the Bluetooth technology with which the Ectha PRO electronic sclerometer is equipped. By using the Ectha R app, this instrument can communicate in real-time and record the values it acquires on Android devices, making data analysis quicker and easier.

The PAIS D-800 is a rotors type UAS, standard payload capacity of carrying more than 18M pixel heigh resolution camera (with video transmitter module) as shown D-600 can be operated height up to 500m, each operation endurance time of maximum 20 min.